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Women on the House of Justice

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Translated by:

Dr. Ameen U. Fareed

Haifa, Syria, July 29, 1909.

Through His Honor Mrza Ahmad Ameen Fareed to the maid-servant of God, Mrs. True. (Upon her be Baha'o'llah!)


O daughter of the Kingdom!

The epistle was received and the Convention of the delegates of the Mashrek-el-Azkar on the day of Naurooz, at Chicago; proved a cause of joy and gladness. In reality, a wonderful coincidence has taken place. In that blessed day Abdu'l-Baha hastened to Haifa and with the divine friends was present at the Supreme Station (The Tomb of the Bab). The pure body of His Holiness, the Supreme (The Bab), after sixty years of homeless wandering and placelessness, was established on Mt. Carmel, the mountain of the Lord, in the Supreme Station, and in Chicago there was held (at the same time) the Convention of the delegates of the Mashrek-el-Azkar and Mr. Charles Haney and Mrs. Miriam Haney arrived in Chicago and were present in that holy meeting.

I beg of God that that radiant Assembly may become aided in pure, truthful intentions and confirmed in the service of the Kingdom, so that it may be a sample of the Assemblages of the Supreme Concourse.

The Persian philosopher has said: "That which is above has its likeness below."

As to the land, you must carry out the agreement you made with the land owner, so that it may be purchased. But payment by payment, it should be done, and, if possible, commence the building of the Mashrek-el-Azkar. Delay not.

In the law of God, men and women are equal in all rights save in the Universal House of Justice; for the Chairman and the members of the House of Justice are men according to the Text of the Book. Aside from this, in all the rest of the Associations, like the Convention for the building of the Mashrek-el-Azkar, the Assembly of Teaching, the Spiritual Assembly, Philanthropic Associations Scientific Association, men and women are co-partners in all the rights.

Upon thee be Baha-el-ABHA!

(signed) Abdul Baha Abbas

Translated by:

Dr. Ameen U. Fareed

Haifa, Syria, July 29, 1909.